Fisheries Resource Management Group

The following three research activities will be implemented. Firstly, since the national statistical system and scientific monitoring of Malawi had not functioning enough, we aimed to establish the low cost and interactive “Participatory Resource Monitoring Method” participated by the local community and researchers. In this program, resource-related environmental DNA analysis of important aquatic species such as Usipa, large catfish species and Chambo, and productivity susceptibility analysis (PSA) will be conducted. Secondly, practical research of “Resource Management and Enhancement Systems” will also be conducted in collaboration with local stakeholders. In Lake Malawi, the fishing ground is known as “chirundu” which is formed by the upwelling current produced by rock protrusions reefs on the lake bottom. While applying the Japanese “Satoumi” concept, we will install the artificial chirundu and conduct the trial of resource enhancement activity mainly for the plankton-feeding fish species such as Utaka. Various other resource management and enhancement activities will also be implemented in collaboration with the Beach Village Committee (BVC) of Madothi district of Chembe village. The third research is “Adding Values of Fisheries Products”. An association of small-scale traders of fisheries products is operating the cold-storage facility as well as the high-quality smoked products (fisheries products) in the northern part of Lake Malawi. With reference to these local activities, the BVC will manage and operate the cold-storage facility donated by Japanese government. In addition, the system for improvement of processing and preservation technologies and the distribution of fresh fish will be considered and implemented.

○Shinichiro Kakuma・Mitsutaku Makino・Atsushi Maruyama・Hiroki Yamanaka・Takashi Torii・Hiroyuki Matsuda・Hidetomo Tajima・Masato Nikaido・Mitsuto Aibara・Tetsu Sato・○Maxon Ngochra・Geoffrey Kanyerere・Joshua Valeta・Madalitso Chatsika・Bosco Rusuwa・Daud Kassam・Wisdom Changadeya・Jamus Banda・Placid Mpeketula・Hopeson Kasiya・Oscar Mwenyedawo・Harold Sungani・Dalitso Kafumbata・Happy Mussa