Integrated Quality of Life and Human Well-Being Evaluation Method Development Group

We will endeavor to develop the integrated evaluation methods and systems of “quality of life” and “human well-being”, and to improve and implement them throughout the project. With regard to “quality of life”, we will focus on the improvement of the quality of life utilizing natural resources management systems developed in the project such as enhancement of fisheries resources, low invest type small scale aquaculture, conservation agriculture, agriculture product markets, planting and sustainable utilization of forest tree species. Regarding “human well-being”, research on evaluation using NCP (Nature’s Contributions to People) concept, and evalatio9n systems of human capacity and satisfactions among village leaders, fishermen, farmers, tour guides will be conducted. We will also focus on gender and intergenerational socio-economic equity, household income improvement, diversification of the livelihoods and improvement of resilience, and proceed with the establishment of an evaluation system for a societal transformation processes toward sustainable and equitable futures. Based on these researches, we aim to develop and implement a simple integrated monitoring method which can be used for a long-term.

○Yasuko Kusakari・Hirotaka Matsuda・Katsuya Tanaka・Mitsutaku Makino・Juri Hori・Moses Limuwa・Joshua Valeta・Patrick Kambewa・Maurice Makuwila・Alister Munthali・Chikondi Pasani