Tourism Resource Management Group

The tourism resource management group will carry out the following three approaches. As the “Tourism Resource and Waste Monitoring” approach, tour guides of the Chembe village will conduct the monitoring of the land and underwater landscape, and waste. In addition, for the purpose of creating a system to understand the areas with high management priority, aerial and underwater drone operators will be trained utilizing multi-spectral cameras and image processing software. The “Waste Collection and Reuse System” approach will support the establishment of a waste recycling system, operation of a recycling center promoted by the tour guide and the tourist lodge associations, and strengthen the waste collection and reuse systems. In collaboration with the “One Village One Product Program – OVOP Malawi” supported by JICA, we will proceed the development of new recycled products and expanding markets in urban areas. With the aim of “Establishment of the System for Sustainable Utilization of Tourism Resource”, we will develop and try study tours and attractive programs of regional as well as international exchanges. And holding training for tour guides in collaboration with the tourist lodge association, and National Park Service. will contribute to the skill up of tour guides and the value-added tourism in Chembe Village.

○Tetsu Sato・Motoko Shimagami・○Phillip Kapulula・Patrick Kambewa・Daud Kachamba・Agness Kamwendo