Protected Areas Management Group

The government of Malawi has an obligation to conduct a continuous survey of the outstanding and universal value of nature (OUV) of the World Heritage site. The cooperation with National Park Service will be strengthened, and we will proceed with the improvement and operation of the previously proposed OUV monitoring method to accumulate valuable data. At the same time, based on the case studies on the nature conservation areas and ecosystem management participated by the local community over the world, we will enhance the community initiative of protected area management approaches which will result in the rich and sustainable natural resources managed by the community and the tour guide association in Lake Malawi National Park. We will operate and improve a legitimate protect areas management organization collaborating with multiple stakeholders. In addition, we will explore the zoning options including land conservation areas such as watershed forests and firewood providing forests, which aim to contribute to dialogues toward biosphere reserve registration. While improving the sustainable development indices in the candidate sites for transition areas is important in biosphere reserves, we will promote the careful consensus building among the parties concerned in collaboration with
the Malawi MAB National Committee.

○Hiroyuki Matsuda・Tetsu Sato・Shinichiro Kakuma・Tamano Hayashi・Atsushi Maruyama・○McPhillip Mwithokona・Bosco Rusuwa・Daud Kassam・Marlene Chikuni・Eston Sambo・Jaqueline Kazembe・Catherine Chunga・Talandila Kasapila・Agness Kamwendo